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Bridging the gap


‘Bridging the gap’ talks about the challenges of cross-cultural communication by Warren Troob . He thinks that cross-cultural communication is very important for expanding business, and therefore business people need to prepare adequately. Secondly, he argues that every culture has it is own meaning, customers and values. In addition, he claims that people are used to their way of doing things, so they are be inflexible when other people does different way with them. At this time, people should not to judge another culture immediately, but should take the time to know. He also asserts that no two people are the same in every culture. The next point is that people should go into other countries, to grasp more opportunities. Finally, he argues that businessmen should improve cross-cultural communication if they want to develop in other cultures.


The author’s idea that is if people never try to leave their own world, then they will be missed many opportunities. This is true. People not only do not change their thought, but also loss lots of good choice whether they stay in the same place. For instance, many people choose to study abroad in order countries today. Maybe they want to feel different countries culture, learn different ways of thinking pattern and broaden their horizon. It will be are wonderful experience for them, and also to provide more chance for their life.

The writer’s view of it will be fine do not understand the culture of the other countries if a tourist. This is not true. No matter people stay abroad in long-term or short-term, they should to understand other countries culture. This is a sign of politeness. If an Asia people who do not know the western etiquette in good western restaurant, for example, speak loudly when they have dinner or wear leisure clothes into the restaurant. This will leave a bad impression to other people. So people to avoid make cross-cultural mistake, they should to...
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