Topics: Chemistry, Chemical reaction, Stoichiometry Pages: 9 (1386 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Course Syllabus
Chemistry 209
Fall 2013
Instructor: Mario Robles Ph.D.
Lecture: 5:20PM-6:45PM Monday and Wednesday in I-209 318
Laboratory: 7:00PM-10:10PM SAC R-301
Office Hours: By appointment, before class or after class.

1) Foundations of College Chemistry, 12th Edition, Hein & Arena (required) 2) Laboratory experiments will be posted on Blackboard

Required material: 1) Goggles are required, Scientific calculator and a periodic table of elements. Calculators:
Calculators are expected to be used in class. You will be doing calculations during lectures and laboratory periods; especially during quizzes and exams. Your calculator should be capable of handling exponential notations, logarithmic calculations, and “root” calculations. You will not be allowed to share calculators during exams. Please have your calculators at all times.

Course description: This is a one semeste course that covers fundamental concepts of chemistry, including measurements, states of matter, atomic theory and structure, chemical bonding, properties of matter, solutions, acids and bases, gases, intermolecular forces, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, and thermochemistry.

Attendance at all lecture and laboratory sessions is mandatory. Students will be dropped from course for excessive absences without valid excuses. Also, you are expected to be on time everyday.


Letter Grade
Quizzes and Classwork
250 (25%)
A=890 and above
4 Hour Exams
400 (each worth 100 points) (40%)
B= 790-889
Final Exam
200 points(20%)
C= 690-789
150 points (15%)
D= 590-689
50 points (5%)

Total Points
1,000 points
F= Less than 590 points

Tests and Exams:
Four one hour exams worth 100 points each will be given. There will be no make up exams or early exams. Tests will only be returned to you during lecture or lab time to review and maybe and will be collected to keep on file for the rest of the semester. Final Exam is worth 20% of the final grade and is cumulative, covering material from the entire semester.

You will need to have safety goggles to work in the lab. There will be no exception. Most equipment needed to perform experiments is provided. Students are to work independently unless instructed otherwise. The schedule of experiments is provided in this syllabus. Lab reports will be collected and graded. Lab Safety: Safety goggles must be worn at all times while in the lab, except in designated areas or unless you are specifically informed that they may be left off. These goggles are in addition to regular eyeglasses if you wear them. Covered shoes must be worn at all times while in the laboratory. Smoking, eating, and drinking are all strictly forbidden. After each lab wash your hands thoroughly. Read the description of each experiment before coming to lab. Know special precautions to be observed, plan the best use of your in-lab time. Labs end promptly at the scheduled completion time. The beginning of each lab period is used to discuss the procedures for that day, including any changes or additions to those described in the Laboratory text. You are responsible for knowing about changes announced. You will need to have safety goggles to work in the lab (NO EXCEPTIONS!!!).Special equipment will be available from the stockroom as needed.

Academic Honesty
Academic honesty is expected in this course. Any case in which a student seeks (or assist another student) to claim credit for the work of others, uses unauthorized materials or fabricated information will be considered an act of academic dishonesty (cheating) by the student. All work which a student is to receive credit for should be work performed by that student. If at any time you are unsure if an action might be considered a case of academic dishonesty discuss with your...
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