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1. Prioritization Overview
2. Case Background
3. Company Mission
4. Company Wants and Must Objectives
5. Swot Analysis
6. Prioritization Evaluation
7. Recommendation and Conclusion

Prioritization Overview

Prioritizing can be a demanding and highly challenging exercise for managers. It is a major responsibility for senior management. Prioritization includes: * discipline,
* accountability,
* responsibility,
* constraints,
* reduced flexibility,
* loss of
* Power.
Top management have to be fully committed to the priority system; where they will have to rank and weigh the objectives and strategies they believe to be most critical to the organization. This high commitment can be risky if the ranked objectives later prove to be poor choices, but setting the course for the organization is top management’s job. If management is truly trying to direct the organization to a strong future position, a good project priority system supports their efforts and develops a culture in which everyone is contributing to the goals of the organization. The two main selection criteria for prioritization are:

* Financial Model – Payback and NPV
* Non-Financial – Checklist and Multiweighted Scoring
For this Film Prioritization Case our group used the later criteria to prioritize each proposal.

Case Background

This case focuses on a Film division of a large entertainment company, located in Anaheim, California. The company includes theme parks, home videos, a television channel, interactive games and theatrical productions. The company experienced steady growth in the past 10 Its total revenue increased by 12%. Currently the company is engaged in negotiations for expansion of its theme park to mainland China and Poland. There was a high decrease in the profit margin of the film division due to poor response to three of the five major film releases for the year.

Company Mission

To create shareholder value by continuing
to be the world’s premier entertainment company from a creative , strategic, and Financial standpoint

* This mission is highly supported by the film division. * The CEO of the company strongly advocates Environmental concerns.

Company Must and Wants Objectives

* All projects to meet legal, safety and environmental standard * All film projects should receive PG or lower advisory rating * All projects should not have adverse effect on current or planned operations within the company.

* Nominated for or win in Best Picture
* Create new animated character each year
* Generate additional merchandise revenue
* Awareness on environmental issues
* Profit in excess of 18%
* Maintain advance state of the art film animation and preserve the firm’s reputation * Develop new rides at Theme park

Swot Analysis

A swot analysis was conducted on the individual project proposal to ascertain their standing in consideration of their relevance to the objective of the organization. The analysis gave more clarity into the status of each project proposal and the likelihood of each attaining points to give more priority in the choices and recommendations. Particular emphasis was placed on how each proposal value the environmental concerns of the organization.

The Seven submitted proposals are:

1. My Life with Dalai Lama
2. Heidi
3. The Year of the Echo
4. Escape from Rio Japuni
5. Nadia
6. Keiko- One Whale of a Story
7. Grand Island


Popularity in USA/EuropeSolidarity & unityHigh probability of ROIPortrayal of animalsSave environment & living thingsFavourite tourist destination-...

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