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Topics: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 19 (5405 words) Published: May 8, 2013
The Ancient African Past and the Field of Africana Studies Author(s): Ayele Bekerie Source: Journal of Black Studies, Vol. 37, No. 3, Sustaining Black Studies (Jan., 2007), pp. 445460 Published by: Sage Publications, Inc. Stable URL: . Accessed: 08/05/2013 12:40 Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Use, available at .

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The ancient African to of pastrefers deeds and events African peoples documented narrated or oral traditions other or means through or written from timeof humanbeginnings the untilthe modern period.Africana studies a transdisciplinary ofstudy is field to tradipertaining intellectual tions and practicesof Africanand African-descended peoples. The ancient African is valuedin thefieldofAfricana studies. The value past to Africa within field the given ancient mayserveas a critical conceptual of challengeto the colonial history Africa.This articlecalls for an of Africana that and scheme to philosophy history, is, a vision interpretive reflect thehistorical ofconcerns. seeksan intellectual on field It critically endeavorto recapture historical spaces, thereby leading not only to autonomous of ancient African butalso to engaging in readings history thedevelopment explanatory of for paradigms thefield. studies;African Keywords: ancient African past; Africana Diaspora; Rosetta stone; Africacolonialism;historicallinguistics; centered paradigm rivers: known I've rivers ancient theworldand olderthan as I've known bloodin human veins. theflowofhuman - Langston Hughes(1920/1997)

African initsbroadest refers deedsand to Theancient sense, past, oralorwritten of events documented, traditions, peoples by through in from earliest, African the which descent Africa African or time, era. now standsat about7 millionyears,to the contemporary to Sevenmillion yearsis a dateassigned a hominid (commonly in as datedhumanlike known Toumai Chad),theearliest species.1 is field to Africana studies a transdisciplinary of study pertaining 2007 445-460 JOURNALOF BLACK STUDIES, Vol. 37 No. 3, January DOI: 10.1177/0021934706290085 © 2007 Sage Publications


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intellectual and and traditions practices African African-descended of Fromitsinception, and Africana studies' peoples. "field-forming I may use Lucius Outlaw's, 1998, apt (if tradition-defining" includetheteaching researching ancient and of phrases)efforts African and to The history civilizations. importance given ancient Africawithin fieldnot onlyhighlights linking the its attribute, butitalso serves a critical as to thecolonial conceptual challenge of hereis and theAfrican history Africa Diaspora.Colonialism defined itcovers eraofenslavement direct and or the and broadly indirect colonialism the 19thand 20thcenturies of (Eze, 1997). As Eze (1998) putsit, we understand indescribable disthe crisis Bycolonialism, should suffered endured theAfrican in and proportionately by peoples their encounter theEuropean with from beginthe world, tragic of fifteenth the nineteenth...

References: M. NJ: and Asante, K. (1990). Kemet, Lawrenceville, Africa Afrocentricity knowledge. World Press. E. African to Atieno-Odhiambo, S. (2002). From historiographiesan African philosophy ofhistory. T. Falola & C. Jennings In studies (Eds.),Africanizing knowledge: African acrossthedisciplines 13-65).New Brunswick, Transaction. NJ: (pp.
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In Ba, H. (1981). The livingtradition. J. Ki-Zerbo(Ed.), UNESCO generalhistory of I: and Africa Methodology African prehistory 197-199).Paris:UNESCO. (pp. A. The Bekerie, (2005, July-August). riseof theAksumobeliskis theriseof Ethiopian Tadias: Ethiopian-American & history. Lifestyle Business Magazine, pp. 12-14. HornofAfrica: Independent An from Journal, 85-102) 23, (Reprinted in The and colonialdomination: African the resistance Clarke,J. H. (1991). African World Press. In NJ: Americas. Newdimensions African in history 25). Trenton, Africa (p. with archeologan M. The Delany, (1991).Principia ethnology: origin racesandcolor, of of examinaical compendium Ethiopian Egyptian and civilization, yearsofcareful from of tion enquiry. and MD: work Baltimore, BlackClassicPress. 1879) published (Original or (M. Myth reality Cook, Ed.). Diop, C. A. (1974). TheAfrican originof civilization: Hill Books. Chicago:Lawrence In and Eze, E. C. (1997). Introduction: African Philosophy the(post)colonial. Postcolonial A reader(pp. 1-23).Oxford, UK: Blackwell. philosophy: critical In Western and colonialism. E. C. Eze (Ed.), Eze, E. C. (1998). Modern philosophy African UK: Blackwell. An African philosophy: anthology 213-221).Oxford, (pp. J. and Harris, (1998). Africans their (2nded.). NewYork:Putnam. history The In L. Hughes, (1997). The Negrospeaksofrivers. P. L. Hill (Ed.), Call and response: riverside Americanliterary tradition 889). Boston: anthology the African of (p. Mifflin. work 1920) Houghton (Original published UK: Cambridge societiesto 1870. Cambridge, Isichei,E. (1997). A history African of Press. University and time:Historical Keto,C. T. (2001). Vision of paraperspective an Africa-centered MD: University PressofAmerica. Lanham, digm. In J. introduction. J.Ki-Zerbo Ki-Zerbo, (1981). General (Ed.), UNESCO general history I. Books Ltd. Educational ofAfrica London:Heinemann newdiscoveries revealabouttheemerR., Leakey, & Lewin,R. (1977). Origins;What NewYork:E. P. Dutton. genceofourspeciesand itspossible future. Oldestalphabet June13, foundin Egypt.(1999, November 15). BBC News. Retrieved 2006,from N. a Onishi, (1999, September Eredojournal, wall,a moat,behold!A lostYoruba 20). The Times, A4. kingdom. NewYork p. L. In African Africana Outlaw, (1998). African, American, philosophy. E. C. Eze (Ed.), An UK: Blackwell. African philosophy: anthology 23-43).Oxford, (pp. T. New Serequeberhan, (1994). ThehermeneuticsAfrican of philosophy. York:Routledge. art American in S. the The influence African Stuckey, (1994). Goingthrough storm: of UK: Oxford Press. Oxford, history. University in W. J. B. Turner, B., & Turner, M. (Eds.). (1992). Richard Moore,Caribbeanmilitant - Harlem:Collected 1920-1972. IndianaUniversity Press. writings Bloomington: in and Some problems methodology perspectives Uya, O. E. (1974). African history: Series No. 2). Ithaca,NY: CornellUniversity, Africana Studiesand (Monograph Research Center. Press. J. Madison:University Wisconsin or as Vansina, (1985). Oral tradition history. J. of Press. with Madison:University Wisconsin Vansina, (1994). Living Africa. WereEgyptians first the June13, scribes? (1998, December15). BBC News.Retrieved 2006,from 1: chalVolume The intellectual Zeleza, P. T. (2003). Rethinking Africa 's globalization, NJ: World Press. Trenton, Africa lenges.
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studies at Bekerie an assistant is and Ayele of professor thedirector undergraduate He theAfricana Studiesand ResearchCenterof CornellUniversity. holds two master 's and degrees fromCornell University, he earned his PhD in African An American studies Temple at His Writing University. book,Ethiopic, African 500 Its as and has influential System: History Principles, beenrecognized themost "Historical Overview booksofthe20thcentury Africa. latest in His of publication, on PossibleInfluence theDevelopment the of Armenian Ethiopic Writing System 's of Studies. was in Journal Ethiopian Alphabet," published 2003 bytheInternational of the Other he to scholarly publications has contributed include Journal theHorn of of Africa, ANKH: Journal Egyptology African Journal of and Civilizations, in Journal Black of Educationand International Relations Africa, Comparative and International Journal Africana of Studies.He has appearedon the Studies, entitled Channel 'svideodocumentary "Queen ofSheba: Behind BBC/Discovery theMyth."
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