Meaning of Stereotypes for Cross Cultural Communication

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Stereotypical views of other peoples and cultures ready to interact with foreign cultures, reduce the power of manifestation of culture shock. Indeed, one partner perceives the other with his actions and through the actions, in the process of intercultural communication. The adequacy of the understanding of the actions and their causes depend building a relationship with another person. Therefore, stereotypes allow to speculate on the causes and possible consequences of their own and others' actions. A person is endowed by certain traits and qualities with the stereotypes, and it is predicted behavior on this basis. Thus, stereotypes play a very important role - in communications, in general, and in the process of intercultural contacts.

1. Meaning of stereotypes for cross-cultural communication

Analysis of the role stereotypes in intercultural communication reveals their importance in the interaction and mutual understanding of cultures. Two approaches are developed in a result of research. The first one can be called "academic". He is represented in the works of the English psychologist R. Stagner, who believes that the stereotypes in intergroup perception facilitate intercultural interaction strangers or unfamiliar phenomena alien culture, enabling fast, simplified socio-cultural context of the individual. Another approach has the role of stereotypes in the context of social interaction. Stereotypes are seen as a manifestation of latent racism, ethnocentrism and discrimination. In cross-cultural communication patterns are the result of an ethnocentric reaction. Attempts to judge other people and cultures in terms solely of their culture. Quite often at cross-cultural communication and evaluation of their partners in communication people are already initially guided by the previously prevailing stereotypes. Obviously, there is no free man from...

References: 1. Садохин А.П. Введение в теорию межкультурной коммуникации. М.: 2005.
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