Media influences on Sex and Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Adolescence, Family Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: September 21, 2013
Media is a vast form of communication that exposes nearly every aspect of modern culture. Teenagers are exposed to all sorts of media, from television, movies and advertising to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Media isn't positive or negative however, teens should have a healthy balance between exposure to media and exposure other, intellectually and physically stimulating activities. Sex in the media it is about time people all around the world realize the effect television has on children and their behavior. The media has been using sex and violence to sell their product and services without people even being aware of it. Studies show that not only are adolescents exposed to an overwhelming amount of media, through TV, music, advertising and more the images and messages they’re receiving influence their behavior. Americans spend about one-third of their free time watching television. The average teenager spends more time in front of the television than any other activity besides sleeping. By the age of 18, a teenager will have seen at least 350,000 commercials.

One thing influenced by media is marriage. Marriage and media are two big icons that represent every society. Once a man and a woman getting married, the rest of their life they have to have responsibility with their family, have to take care of it like taking care of the health. A happy family builds one’s specific position in society. That is why choosing a partner to spend a life with is so important. In the past, both men and women were expected to get married at quite young ages. The parents and extended family generally arranged marriages, with the children having limited right to say no.
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