Memorial Park

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The San Jacinto Plaza

El Paso Texas has many tourism places for its society. Many of these historical places are more than 100 years old. And learn about their society as well. As an illustration the San Jacinto Plaza has been their for many years, but it's famous for its alligators, and also known as "Plaza de Los Lagartos". Plaza de Los Lagartos is use for touristic attraction amusements, and parades.

Back in the 1880's through 1960's downtown El Paso featured an amusement in the center of the plaza, a pond filled with live alligators. That attract many people from El Paso. But they had to move the alligators, because they cant survive the cold weather nights. they didn't remove them completely, citizen work to put a sculpture made by Luis A. Jimenez. The alligators sculpture it what makes today history in The San Jacinto Plaza. The San Jacinto makes a tourism illustration that us the society still have history alive. Today's sculpture is used to remember the alligators as a tourist attraction.

San Jacinto plaza Amusement Park has been used by many artists in the 1960's. The live alligators attracted people from all counties and was a main reason to come visit El Paso. There was 3 alligators and the amusement park showings were daily from morning to night. Also for example the San Jacinto plaza has been use for bus stops. People use it to rest and wait for the next bus. It also known as an amusement park because all the old buildings around the plaza. And back in the 80s people use it only to hangout and see the alligators.

San Jacinto plaza has been known more for its colorful night parades on Christmas. People from El Paso decorate the plaza with colorful lights, and they also put an Christmas tree big enough so everybody can see. People make an long parade, this parade it's only on nights, because they have surtain amount of light. The parades has an Santa clause, elfs, candies, deers, and much more stuff. And at the end of this parade they all...
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