Meta-Cognitive Observation

Topics: Educational psychology, Metacognition, Education Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: October 6, 2010

The meta-cognitive observation was conducted to an 8 years old student in Grade II. Before asking the child to repeat the 10 words that I will say, I conducted an interview with the child. Usually, a child can not express their ideas easily. The most common words they use are “yes”, “no”, “I don’t know”. They also don’t do well in answering the question “why”. For example, when I asked the child question like “why do you like to read?” he answered “I don’t know, just like it”.

According to the child, he said that he is not good at memorizing and will remember 5 words out of ten. When he remembers things he just keeps on reading. He said his teacher told them to read in order to help them remember things. And his teacher also told him to associate the names of things for them to remember things. He said, “how can I know things if it has no name?” He learns things best by seeing it and a lot of activities in school also help them learn things well.

I said the list of 10 words which was related to objectives that both of us saw in the room, such as computer, book, cell phone etc. When I was saying the list of 10 words, I noticed that the child was careful and concerned about the words. He seemed to keep on reading the words in his mind. After my reading, the child was able to say 6 words. The child said he just repeated every word in his mind after my reading and observed the surroundings.

Retelling the story
I told the story “The Hare and the Tortoise” to the child. The story is very familiar to the child. However, when the child was asking to retell the story, he said, “oh, I can’t memorize it all”. Although he could retell the story, it’s different from the order that I told it.

The child likes to read something which is related to Math. He said, “I like math. I hate fairy tales because it is very baby.” Outside the school, the child likes to read something related to plane, fighting, USA military etc. He prefers to...
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