Topics: Educational psychology, Metacognition, Cognition Pages: 4 (2238 words) Published: October 22, 2014

The metacognition dose improve learning
There is a story: a person learns hard, but no matter how hard the person did, the result is not good as the person desired, the effort and reward is not balances, not at all and there do have a group of people similar like this person. In the end they start think they are not good at learn, they put themselves in negative. Are they really not good at learn? The answer absolutely is negative, everyone can learn and the effort and reward can be balances. I believe the question is wrong, the question should ask are they used the way (or Mode, style) is correct, is proper for themselves. Metacognition is the one make learner to teach and show themselves how to learn, what mode is better to learn for them own. In recent years, people have many great results on study metacognition. And from various literature and research reports shows metacognition does improve learning. There have many regional under metacognition, and every each of them does have them own definition, but they are all associated with each other: metacognitive knowledge, metacognitive experiences, metacognitive monitoring. From improve metacognition skill to improve learning for help people “know what you know” and “learn what you learn”. Use other words are help people know them self before the learning, in the learning and after the learning. Metacognition skill is not born, but it can be gradually developed in the long-term learning activities, so that is why metacognition occupies an important position in educational psychology and another theory of education, metacognition can be teach and it does help learning. Metacognition usually use in educational, so as one of the latest buzz words in educational psychology, what is metacognition anyway? The word of “metacognition” sounds like intimidating but in real, it is not, people do have more or less metacognitive activities every day, and metacognition enables us become to a successful learner and been...
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