Metaphors Analysis

Topics: Amusement park, Roller coaster, English-language films Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: August 23, 2012
“Analysis Metaphors Essay”
   Amusement park rides hardly have any lessons to be learned, you usually get off at the same spot you got on the ride. Though it isn’t a land filled with lessons we can take examples of the way a ride works with how life works. “Life is a carousel”, and “life is a roller coaster”, are two different metaphors that sound very similar but also can mean different things. Life being a carousel could mean that sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down, and sometimes you just go round and round. Life being a roller coaster could be taken as life has twist and turns and you never know what is around that corner. You are born into life and everything in the future is presumed to be scary, but when you start your life you realize that it is thrilling. The fact of never knowing what may come your way becomes exciting, and life is now a thrill ride at an amusement park of your mind.

People like to use metaphors in life to help reason why things are the way that they are and why they happen. When I am, at work I always have to remind myself, and the men that I am in charge of certain metaphors. Life in the military can be extremely trying and difficult, because we don’t always have the luxury of knowing what is next; especially on a mission in a foreign land. Metaphors do have a tendency to ease troubled minds or to help out in a time of need in someone’s life when all things seem to be going wrong, especially with military personnel and their families. Metaphors can even motivate people so that they can do things to better themselves, like diet, or exercise. The metaphors I have chosen help people to understand that life is not always going to go your way. Just at the moment when things start to look their worse things can suddenly move in an upward direction. Life will not always go the way you want, and that when you realize that, then everything can all of a sudden become okay. It might even help people overcome certain situations in...
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