Mind Your Business Manners

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Mind Your Business Manners

Where business deals are done at a click of a button, is there still the need to meet clients face-to-face? Fortunately for us, the face-to-face meeting is still an essential part of business. How then could we best present ourselves to give leverage to such face-to-face encounters and help showcase abilities and enhance our credibility positively? This is where Business Manners come into play.

Business has ceased to be a simple affair. It is not merely limited to the making and breaking of a trade or a deal anymore like it used to be in the earlier times. It has gone way beyond that. Along with the basics of trade, it now includes the whole nine yards - How you talk, walk, present yourself, what you wear, what to speak, how to speak, even to the point of how you eat. All these factors will have an impact on your business. In fact they could very well be the deciding factors of whether you get a deal or lose it. The basics of business etiquette have come to play and stay on. And if surviving in this competitive world is important to you, you need to know the basics of this practice and what it involves.

Business etiquette teaches you a set of ways on how to behave and how to present yourself. This not only helps with your business, but also helps in preparing you to cope with trying situations and preventing your crumbling under pressure. In this following article we will give you certain important business etiquette tips that will help you create a strong foothold in the business world and charm your way through deals, backed with your skills.

Mention the terms "etiquette" or "good manners" and the most boring or vacuous conversation or meeting becomes highly charged. Why would such old-fashioned terms create that lively interest? One reason is that manners and etiquette seem to be disappearing. Many people are too "busy" or preoccupied with "more important things" to practice common courtesies – responding to R.S.V.P.'s, extending a "thank you," making good introductions, and treating others with courtesy and respect. Some people it seems were never taught the "niceties," thoughtfulness nor conversation. Yet bad manners can be deadly...both to the reputation and to the bottom line. It's not nice to hurt peoples' feelings, offend sensibilities, and it's not good business practice, not in this current economy and job situation. How are we supposed to behave at a client lunch, an interview, party, reception or convention? In general? The same as on the job: VERY WELL! But what is "behaving well?" The expectations are much the same as those that parents and teachers have of children: 1. Know the rules

2. Observe the rules
3. Do so graciously
If you don't already know the rules of formal etiquette, it's wise to learn them. Many good references are available online and in bookstores and libraries. ++
Whether you are in the office, talking to a customer on the phone, or out of the office talking to a vendor, business etiquette and good manners are critical to professionalism. You are your company. It is important to understand protocol whether you are sitting at a boardroom table or talking to an associate or a customer. You are the company. Positioning yourself during a meeting is important to status as well as your level of confidence. Learn more about the importance of business etiquette as well as office etiquette to quickly increase your professionalism as well as your status. You will learn that the level of professionalism you show during any meeting will lead others to increase their level of business etiquette or office etiquette as well. Starting with the proper use of the language, the quality of your voice and utilizing good manners when connecting with others you will soon establish a strong presence at any meeting. This means that each person you are in contact with – internally or externally will begin to take notice and provide a higher level of respect to you....
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