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Section A
Question: write an essay providing a critical discussion of psychological assessment in early childhood assessment, incorporating the findings from your practical task in section B to illustrate the theoretical principles discussed. Introduction

The aim of this essay is to discuss psychological assessment in early childhood assessment under the following sub-topics: the rational for assessment of young children, factors to be taken into consideration when assessing young children and how these affect assessment outcomes, issues relating to predictive validity, ethical considerations together with an explanation of what was done to ensure that the actions were ethical, identifying a suitable test for the characteristics of the child who did the practical task. There will a definition of concepts, conclusion and list of references. Definition of concepts

According to greenspan & meisels (1996) (cited in foxcroft and roodt 2009, p209) developmental assessment is a process designed to deepen the understanding of a child’s competencies and resources, and of the care giving and learning environments most likely to help a child make fullest use of his or her developmental potential Psychological assessment is a process of testing that uses a combination of techniques to help to arrive to some hypotheses about a person and their behaviour, personality and capabilities. The rational for assessment of young children

According to Foxcroft & Roodt (2009) the identification of children with difficulties should take place as early as possible if the child difficulties can be identified early, the interventions will be implemented early to assist the child. The reason for the assessment of children is to acquire information and understanding that will facilitate the child’s development and functional abilities within the family and community. Factors to be taken into consideration when assessing young children Age of child, if age of the child is not taken into consideration the assessor may administer test measures that does not suit the age group of the child e.g. a six years old child be measured with sixteen years child measure. This will affect the performance of a child. Physical impairment if it is not considered it may affect test performance e.g. if a child can’t Social context e.g. school, language, culture etc if they are not taken into consideration they may affect test results e.g. if the items of the test needs information that can be obtained from the school environment, the child that does not attend school will have a problem to answer these questions. If he language of the child is not the same as the one that is used in test the child will be unable to do the tasks. Culture it plays a role in the behaviour and believes of the child e.g. in some cultures a certain behaviour is valued while in others is not. Environmental factors children are raised in different ways and they tend to believe in what grow up with e.g. some children they stay home, they don’t visit other people so if the test is administered in a hospital the child might be anxious and fail to pay attention. The opportunities that children have also play an important role e.g. if a child is asked about a fridge he/she will fail to answer because he/she is not familiar with it. Issues relating to predictive validity

Accordiong to Foxoft and Roodt(2009) the predictive validity of a measure used to select or classify people is determined by its ability to predict their performance on the criterion. The child needs to be assed using variety of assessments. The information of the child has to be combined with information from other sources.

Ethical considerations with an explanation of what have been done to ensure ethical actions •Appropriate, fair, professional and ethical use of assessment measures and results •Taking into account the needs and rights of participants •Ensuring that...
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