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EDFD589-Effective Teaching – Report
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‘How will I control my students’: Report


As a pre-service teacher the critical incident that is reflected in this report is important to consider as it highlights that as a pre-service teachers we may not be ready in the area of classroom management. Therefore we need to familiarise ourselves with the various classroom dynamics and be aware of different situations that may impede our effective instruction in the classroom.

School Context

The School where this critical incident happened is Patrician Brothers’ College, an all boys’ independent Catholic School. The Brothers’ of St. Patrick established the school in 1953. The school recognizes the importance of incorporating ICT in the classroom and has recently undergone a building refurbishment program, giving it modern facilities, which adheres to the National Standards of teaching (2.6.1)(BOSTES,2012). The school is a mixed ability school and the students come from a range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Critical Incident

The observed critical incident happened during a year 9-history class. The class had group presentations to deliver, this was an important assignment as it was to help to convey to the teacher that the students had grasped the key concepts and were able think critically about the depth study they had been researching. The presentation was also important for students to learn from their peers the differing opinions and critiques of the topic, a key skill that has to be learned in historical pedagogy. The first group begins their presentations, however they are disrupted as two students arrive late to class. The teacher turns his attention to the latecomers and asks them to stand outside and wait while the first group finished their presentations. Afterwards the teacher leaves the classroom to speak to the boys, which leads to further disruption in the class as without an authority figure the students in the classroom saw it as an opportunity to begin to misbehave, talking to each other, shouting things and making faces at the two boys outside of the class. When the teacher and the two boys finally enter the class, the teacher realises that the class has lost their engagement and motivation and the teacher try to calmly tell the student to calm down, The teacher is not able to control the class by talking calmly to the students and results in the teacher shouting to gain the classrooms attention, which ultimately adds tension to the classrooms atmosphere. Once the class has calmed down and the two latecomers have seated themselves, the teacher allows the second group to start their presentation. However, the latecomers start to further misbehave and instead of listening to the presentation, they are more interested in talking to each other distracting both the group presenting and the other students in the class. The teacher has to once again stop the class and raise his voice and shouts loudly, telling the boys that they are immature and then asks them boys to separate, one student moving to the back of the class and the other moving to the front. This proved to be detrimental to the teachers lesson as some groups did not have time to present before the class ended and throughout lesson the students in the class were disengaged about the classes topic and more interested in what was happening during the disruptions. It was interesting to see how the teacher dealt with the disruptive students after the lesson, he spoke to the boys individually about their behaviour and each student received a different punishment; one receiving detention during his lunch hour and the other receiving a formal warning. What was significant was that the disruptive students did not seem to be phased or bothered about their punishments as they giggled when they left the class, indicating that the two students often misbehaved in class and were likely...

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