Topics: Pigment, Chemistry, Ink Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: May 22, 2013
The title of the lab should be at the top of the lab report. Background Information and Research
1. Give a simple explanation, in your own words, of what paper chromatography is and what it is used for. 2. Give at least three real-world uses for paper chromatography used in the fields of chemistry and biology. 3. Be sure to include references for any research conducted for this section. Purpose

In one or two complete sentences, state the purpose of this laboratory investigation. Materials
List all of the materials used in this lab.
Include a step-by-step procedure for what you did in the lab, written in your own words. Data and Observations
* List your original predictions about the expected pigment components of each candy color. * Create an organized and labeled data table that lists the color and distance traveled of each pigment separated from each original candy color or ink type. Remember to have two separate sections or tables for the two solutions (salt water and alcohol) used. * Also include any other observations that you made during the course of the investigation. Discussion and Conclusion:

The first part of this section discusses the observations and results of the lab as well as any mistakes that may have been made (or what measures were taken to try to avoid mistakes) and what improvements, if any, you can think of for the procedure for the next time the lab will be conducted. The discussion section of this lab should also include discussions on the following: * A comparison of how each solution (salt water and alcohol) separated the pigments from each color of candy or ink type. Which solution worked better at separating each of the pigments (it may be different for different candy colors or inks), and why do you think that is? * If you had allowed less time for the lab (stopping the separation process when the solution was halfway up the paper), how do you think that would...
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