Mixed Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Miscegenation, Family Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Iva Oberknezev
Jennifer Dujat
According to the article: “Bringing Home the Wrong Race” by Diane Rarer, there are many parents who disapprove of interracial relationships. She is half-Irish, half-Italian American who has Korean-American boyfriend. According to his parents, they want him to marry a Korean-girl, so, to better understand his parents seeing her, she did some research asking her friends of all races and backgrounds: “ Were there any special things they had to do with either of their parents when they first started dating outside their race, religion and culture? “ However, in the end she did marry her boyfriend and they have three kids together and his parents did come to love her. But, are future parents generations going to change their mind about interracial relationships? Or there are still going to be some boundries set by parents:” Who can you date and love?” My parents who are very successful in their business who are democratic said to me: “You can marry anyone as long as you are happy and his a good man!” But deep inside I know my dad wouldn’t like if I show up with a black guy in the house. And not just my parents, all of my friends parents would say something if their kids are not dating a white, Christian guy/girl. You see, in my country religion is in the first place. If your partner is a different religion, race and background, be prepared for a struggle with your parents accepting the relationship. In my opinion, I think everybody should be equal no matter what background or religion. If you love somebody and they love you back why should you end it up? Of course, its going to be hard, but marriage consists of two, so both partners should support, teach, love and care of each other. For example, my sister, in her mid twenties, dated half-Caucasian, half black guy. She hid the relationship for months from my dad. But after a while the moment came. Family lunch and finally meeting my...
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