mixed marriages

Topics: Marriage, Family, Miscegenation Pages: 4 (1418 words) Published: January 25, 2014
All mix-marriages are confined to problems and challenges of cultural diffusion. Discuss the veracity of this statement. INTRODUCTION
Relationships of every type are faced with a wide variety of problems and challenges in any given situation. Whether it involves our coworkers, neighbors, friends or family – the dynamics are relatively similar and predictable within a common cultural framework. These dynamics become more complex where marriage is concerned and differences in personalities come to the forefront. While these issues can be challenging enough for any married couple, there are additional difficulties specific to couples in a mixed marriage. For the purpose of this paper, mixed marriage is defined as a marriage of two people from different races, religions or cultures. Different customs and cultural backgrounds can directly impact your marriage and family life, as they tend to teach different values and priorities. This is particularly true in cases where a husband and wife were raised in different parts of the world.

Acceptance of the mix-marriage --- is a major obstacle as often times the families of both partners do not approve of their marriage. Mixed-marriage couples deal with unique challenges compared to traditional couples. The challenge with interracial couples is respecting each other’s race and culture. If not, this can have a ripple effect to the extended family.

Social attitude and prejudices
For instance, one partner’s prevalent social attitudes and common prejudices may begin to show more openly one day. “When this happens, all you can do is to maintain a good-natured attitude and have lots of patience,” Hans adds. But potential obstacles need to be clearly identified and frankly addressed before moving ahead. Nationalistic, ethnic, or social pride can also drive a wedge between otherwise loving spouses. One partner may (subconsciously) feel superior because he or she grew up in a “higher” socio-economic...
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