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Topics: Boat, Tourism, Amusement park Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: October 20, 2013
Rada Marina SOWT Analysis will be presented as follow:
Rada Marina strengths will be an innovate service for a Marina. This will change the whole Marina concept and avoids segregation between families who decide to spend their recreational budget to own a boat and families who want to enjoy boat recreational activities without spending. This is an innovative recreation activity for the industry and will definitely attract more consumers than other Marinas. Also Rada Marina will count with activities that will elevate the service and offerings for actual boat owners to influence their decision when they have to choose to select for a Marina to maintain their boat. Rada Marina will count with a dependable staff that will be available to serve the Guests and make sure they have a great experience while using our services. For a Marina the location is essential and it’s definitely strength for us. It’s close to Orlando, city where most of Floridians travel for entertainment because it has one of the most visited Resort, Walt Disney World Parks Resorts., this is support by a study analysis of the Marina sector that revealed that “Regions that already have a profitable tourism are anxious to preserve their coastline and normally government will be looking for more profitable ways to gain revenue to the area” adding the walking distance to the beach definitely to add value to the recreational activities. The specific area will be located near hotels and resorts making easier for Guests visiting Rada Marina in case they need to stay. Also another strength for Rada Marina will be how the boat industry is growing, in 2012 sales for boats increased 10% after the recession according to NMMA National Marine Manufacturers Association. This definitely relates to the need of boating services and the desire of boating recreational activities, services we offer in Rada Marina. Weakness

Normally the recreational boat industry is mostly a seasonal business,...
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