Modern Escape

Topics: Personal life, Amusement park, American films Pages: 4 (1199 words) Published: September 11, 2012
Modern Escape

Many people wish they could escape from the chaos of life. Often time people do not take time out to reflect on different aspects of their lives and this causes them to lose touch with themselves. Escape is necessary for individuals to step away from tedious detail of eye, in other words get in touch with their lives. Birkerts’ essay “The Owl Has Flown” asserts that escape is needed to reflect on priorities, values, and who or what is meaningful to individuals. On the other hand, Willis’ essay “Disney World: Public Use/Private State” suggests that America’s most popular amusement park, Disney World, is not an escape. Although Birkerts and Willis agree that an escape is needed, they define the meaning of escape differently. Birkerts’ essay “The Owl Has Flown” contends that “deep time” is essential in order to escape (75). Escape can in turn lead to an increase in wisdom. Birkerts states that, “Wisdom [is] the knowing not of facts but of truths about human nature and the processes of life” (74). This quote suggests that wisdom is needed because it leads to happiness, understanding, gaining insight, commitment, and good judgment. “Deep time” leads to wisdom through “vertical consciousness” (74). Birkerts defines “vertical consciousness” as “A sense of the deep and natural connectedness of things” (74). The vertical realm of consciousness allows individuals to view every aspect of their lives from a broad perspective. “Deep time” also contributes to resonance. According to Birkerts, “Resonance is a natural phenomenon, the shadow of import alongside the body of fact; and it cannot flourish except in deep time” (75). Therefore, resonance is important to the growth of people as a whole and progression towards becoming wiser. Furthermore, Birkerts states, “No deep time, no resonance; no resonance, no wisdom” (75). This statement implies that “deep time” is essential to the growth of wisdom in one’s life. Society is becoming less wise because people are...

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