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Topics: Management, Cross-cultural communication, Hierarchy Pages: 3 (442 words) Published: November 28, 2014

1. How important is context in communication?
Basically, Monaco is high-context country. This means that people in this culture emphasizes interpersonal relationships. Developing trust is an important first step to any business transaction. According to Hall, this culture is collectivist, preferring group harmony and consensus to individual achievement. And people in this culture are less governed by reason than by intuition or feelings. Words are not so important as context, which might include the speaker’s tone of voice, facial expression, gestures, posture—and even the person’s family history and status.

2. How important is hierarchy? Who makes decisions?
Newcomers to the Monaco management style should carefully study the corporate culture of specific companies because they may vary from being hierarchical to rather egalitarian. Consequently, employees will range from feeling empowered to speak out in the management process, to those who believe it is most important to simply execute the instructions by their leadership. Some employees in Monaco do not feel that they are authorized by station, education, or position, to either aspire to leadership or to express themselves freely in management circles. Nevertheless many do, and especially with the influence of intercultural expansion and globalization, organizations are tending to rely more heavily on the wisdom of their people and not just the direction of leadership. For effective cross cultural management it is important to remember that hierarchy in business is strictly observed. Decision making is done at the highest levels, often without consultation with subordinates or other stakeholders. Managers provide explicit instructions on how work is to be performed. Employees are expected to adhere to the correct protocol for the situation. Employees generally have specific roles and responsibilities and do not cross over into other areas. Employees are not criticized or praised publicly....
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