Money, Love and Marriage

Topics: Jane Austen, Marriage, Novel Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: June 4, 2011
Money, Love and Marriage
The novel Pride and prejudice written by Jane Austen has widespread world fame for ages. Since I was a little girl, I have seen the movie adopted by it, fascinated by the snazzy costume and gorgeous scenes. And it is such a classic work that loads of movies, TV series and stage plays are being produced based on its plot. I have watched several editions of the film Pride and Prejudice, but never have I read a word of its original book. So I bought it from the book store at the beginning of this semester, determined to read it thoroughly. Since the author Jane Austen is a noted female novelist and her novels are almost all regard to love and marriage, the things the girl in our age concerned about most, I stuck to reading it whenever free. Finally, I completed it. Obviously, the novel portrays far more things that a movie is not able to convey. And during the process of relishing it, I benefit a lot. “It is truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want a wife.” The novel was begun with such a meaningful sentence. Money and marriage were closely knitted at that time. If there was no money, there was no marriage. However, marriage is not money-oriented. If the marriage was based on money, for instance, Charlotte and Mr. Collins’, it turned out to be a misfortune. But the fact was that sometimes people had no choice but to submit to reality. Charlotte is a smart woman, and of course she knew Mr. Collins was a disagreeable and dull man. Neither did she love him. Money is the deciding factor in this marriage. Charlotte knew she would lead an affluent life after marrying him. And as to happiness, it seemed not so significant. The marriage was totally a tragedy. Apparently, there were no warmth and happiness in their marriage. They would live monotonous and mundane life all their lifetime. Charlotte’s choice, practical and shrewd really let me sigh with deep feeling. On the other hand, it...
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