Montessori Education

Topics: Educational psychology, Montessori method, Developmental psychology Pages: 5 (1772 words) Published: January 5, 2012
Maria Montessori developed her approach based on important principles that make a Montessori school. The principles that will be discussed throughout this paper will help you to understand the principles that are practiced and developed for each classroom. Model early childhood program is an exemplary approach to early childhood education that serves as a guide, (Morrison S.G. P 142). Montessori Program would best service the interest of children and their families. This program has basic principles that are design to bring the naturalization of child development, and to help the child better through out his/her life. Because of her success with these children, she was asked to start a school for children in a housing project in Rome, which opened on January 6, 1907, and which she called "Casa dei Bambini" or Children's House. Children's House was a child care center in an apartment building in the poor neighborhood of Rome. She was focused on teaching the students ways to develop their own skills at a pace they set, which was a principle Montessori called "spontaneous selfdevelopment". A wide variety of special equipment of increasing complexity is used to help direct the interests of the child and hasten development. When a child is ready to learn new and more difficult tasks, the teacher guides the child's first endeavors in order to avoid wasted effort and the learning of wrong habits; otherwise the child learns alone. It has been reported that the Montessori method of teaching has enabled children to learn to read and write much more quickly and with greater facility than has otherwise been possible. The Montessori Method of teaching concentrates on quality rather than quantity. The success of this school sparked the opening of many more, and a worldwide interest in Montessori's methods of education.

The principle I would like to start the paper out would be the prepared environment. By having a prepared environment this allow the child to learn and develop self-discipline as well as getting in a routine that is best for the child to get used to for their life and how to be dependent. The teacher is supposed to guide the student in the direction but this method allows the children to learn the importance of structure and to a degree dependant. There are all different ages that are in these groups and by doing it this way the children will gain knowledgeable information from older children. It seems that younger children learn easier and faster off of older peers, so that is why it was so special doing it this way, this also prepares the children for future challenges and schooling as they get older. The Approaches to Early childhood Education by Roopnarine and Johnson (2005) explains children’s responsibility by stating,

“There is a strong emphasis on the development of individual responsibility. For example, children return materials to their place after use, the classroom is cleaned and maintained…and they participate in the development of classroom rules” (p 366). This teaches the children selfsufficient which will be a big part of their life.

The absorbent of the mind was the next idea about how the children should be educated. This principle showed the spontaneous and the drive of the inner child. At the occurring of this process the Montessori began to divide the children into two, the unconscious stage and the conscious stage. At birth to three years of age, Montessori said the children were in an unconscious stage (Roopnarine and Johnson, 2005, p. 369). Here the children “…are absorbing from the environment that surrounds them”. An infant hears a multitude of environmental sounds but is naturally and unconsciously cued in to sound of the human voice. Gradually, without conscious effort by the child, the child absorbs the sounds and rhythms of his or her native language, as well as its vocabulary, semantics and syntax”. The conscious stage happens right after the unconscious stage and goes to six years...
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