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Principles of Management
CIA -3
Bharathwajan S

Handled by
Prof. Dr. Anuradha Sathyaseelan

Lesson – 6

1. Freedom of thought, speech, and religion; rights to a fair trial, to assemble, to vote 2. It is almost impossible to have one’s rights respected without having a citizenship 3. It was a statement against racial segregation in the United States

Review Question:

Which first dimension human rights mentioned in the lesson were violated in the Rosa Parks bus incident? Can you think of others not mentioned in the video?

The Rosa Parks bus incident took place in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama in United States. She was part of civil rights movement. Among the first dimension rights are rights of civil and political, but mainly in her case civil rights were violated. Civil rights include expression of thought. They were segregated on the basis of skin color and were not allowed to avail public services, which are supposed to be there for every citizen of a country. She fought against segregation demanding fair trials and justice. She aimed to eliminate racism. Civil and political rights go hand in hand and one cannot ignore it. Political rights of petition, association and taking part in several movements (assemble) was also violated.

Summary of the video

Civil and political rights talk about our liberty, which are first dimension rights. They are negative rights or hands-off rights which is the organization or the country should avoid preventing them when an individual is expressing these rights. Civil rights are rights that are expressed while interacting with the society which incudes original thoughts expression of religion and initiating movements. Political rights are legal rights like right to petition, justice and freedom of association and freedom to assemble with the people we like. Political and civil rights also include citizenship of an individual to the country of which he is a part of. Article 15 talks about citizenship. These rights are as old as Magna Carta. They have developed through French revolution, universal declaration of human rights to international covenant to civil and political rights. These rights talk about identity, participation, and prevention of discrimination. The activist shown in this lesson was Rosa Parks who took part in civil rights movement and who worked against racism

Lesson – 7

1. The right to assembly
2. A faulty ventilation system poses a serious threat to the health of the factory workers 3. Yes. Although the implementation of second dimension rights takes time and money, this should not become an excuse for not doing anything


The second dimension talks about Economic, social and cultural rights. These are the positive or hands on rights are those which individual create in the society. Agents involved are time and money. These are non-binding. Economic rights are rights that can be demanded by workers, right to take a break, right to safety and participation. Social rights are rights to education or in general literacy, marriage etc. Cultural rights are the rights to participate in the regular working and development in culture which includes copyrights and benefiting from scientific research. These rights are interrelated. For e.g. Rights like housing and health bring together economics and social rights.

Lesson – 8

1. All of the above, collectively
2. All three dimensions are equally important and cannot exist without one another. 3. How those rights are related to first and second dimension rights, in a way that affects not only individuals but communities and even future generations

Review Question:

Why are third dimension human rights often related to our responsibility towards future generations? In what way do these rights affect posterity differently from other rights?...
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