Music, Math, and Science for Preschoolers

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Music, Math, and Science!
Mary Cozac

Children learn concepts and develop through hands-on experiences. They learn to observe, question and be curious about their inside and outside environment. When children are encouraged to experiment and discover new things they acquire new concepts and new ideas which they transfer to other areas of development. Planned activities that explore music, math, and science can teach children many concepts and help them develop all domains. Children learn about music concepts by participating in activities that allow them to be active participants, stimulate their senses, and inspire them. An example of a complete music activity would be; making and playing drums. For this activity you will need coffee cans, paper, stickers, crayons, glue, and tape. To begin this activity have children decorate a coffee can. Once they have personalized their drum gather them on the carpet. Tell the children to bang their drums with their hands, then say stop. Play a little game of stop and go with them so they have time to experiment with the drum. When the children are quiet tell them that you want them to play their drum quietly and then loud, quiet and loud. Then fast and slow. Then ask them to keep their drums quiet and listen to you sing and drum. Sing a simple song and keep the beat, then ask the children to play and sing with you. This activity can be done with any age! The developmental goals for this activity are: Physically – fine motor skills will be developed when decorating the can and gross motor skills will be developed when playing the drum. Social/Emotional – The children will have conversation when making and playing the drums. They will have to share and ask others for things when making the drum. And they will sing and feel emotions while playing the drum. Cognitively - They are learning about sound patterns, opposites, movement, beats, memory, and rhythm. Language – The children are communicating and signing.

I implemented this activity with my class of 4 year olds. First off they were very excited to show me the coffee can they brought from home. They talked about the size “Look at this really, really big can Miss A!” or where they got it from “My Grandma Kay has been saving this for a me. She drinks a lot of coffee with Grandpa Steve!” Then we decorated the cans which involved lots of communication with their peers “I like your drum” or “Can I have a ladybug sticker?” Peeling the back off the stickers really worked their fine motor skills. The children were very proud of their drums (emotional development) and as soon as they were done they would make their way to the carpet to play them. Once everyone was gathered on the carpet I told everyone to stop (I had to wave my hands around to get everyone’s attention!) and then I said go and stop and go and stop! The children thought this was a funny game. I also noticed some children turning their drum sideways and upside down. This experimentation with the drum was building cognitive and physical development. Then I asked the children to play their drums quietly and then I asked them what the opposite of quiet was…LOUD. We also played fast and slow which built cognitive and physical development. Lastly, I asked the children to listen to me sign one of our class songs and watch me play my drum. “Friends, friends, we all need friends. Friends stick together you seeeeee. Friends, friends, we all need friends.” Good friends like you and meeeee! I had the children join me and after about 5-6 times signing the song the majority of the children were beating the drum to the beat! I feel this activity supported all the developmental domains. Through planned activities children can learn about math concepts such as; colour, shapes, sizes, counting, comparing, sorting/matching, sequencing, counting, and math vocabulary. An example of a complete...
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