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Wendy Moss

TDA 3.7 Support Assessment for Learning

Briefing Paper
Assessment for Learning for the next Governing Body Meeting

1.1 Compare and contrast the roles of the Teacher and the Teaching Assistant in assessment of learners’ achievements.

The class teacher’s main role is to monitor and assess pupil achievement. The teacher will need to know how all children are progressing and must report back to parents and other staff in order to support the child’s future progress. Assessment is an on-going process which can take many different forms and teaching assistants must be able to support teachers with this process.

Teachers will plan lessons which should be set out with clear objectives so that a child’s progress can be measured against these. Both children and adults need to be clear about ‘Learning Intentions’ which are set out at the beginning of each lesson by the teacher. This helps the children to be clear about what they are going to learn as well as having a clear understanding of what the teaching assistant is supporting.

The teacher has responsibility for more formal assessment whereas the teaching assistant provides a more informal but on-going role.

1.2 Summarise the difference between formative and summative assessment.

Formative assessment strategies are measured against learning objectives using on-going methods of assessment. These methods are known as formative assessment methods and can be used to check the learning in any lesson. These provide a clear picture of a child’s progress and allows the teacher to track continually. Some examples of this are:-

Using open ended questions - helping the children to put forward their own ideas. Observing children – watching them work and noting what they find difficult. Listening to children describe their work – we hear how the children work things out. Checking the children’s understanding – questioning...
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