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Topics: Chemistry, Chemical substance, Chemical compound Pages: 1 (518 words) Published: November 4, 2014

Sosa, Ruffa Mae C. October 13, 2014 9- Amity (1) Ms. Merie Gerlie V. CapiralReflection This second grading lessons we tackled was a little bit harder than first grading. But I did my best to understand each lesson we had tackled. I thought that Chemistry is complicated but when our teacher in science discussed about it, I can understand it now. My knowledge in Chemistry gained somehow. There are lots of difficulties and complicated lecture/s that if we hadn’t discussed about it, we wouldn’t know. Like naming electric configurations, as far as I know it before, there are ways of naming it and somehow my theory about it is the same we tackled to that lesson. I am happy because those scientist who worked hard to search or discover it are very serious about it. If those scientist hadn’t done the searchings about it, we would not know about naming electric configurations. So, I am very thankful that they are born to discover it. While we are discussing related to Chemistry, I cannot help myself to not be concentrated to the lessons. Because we have also other subject that have a difficult to self-study. But with the help of our teacher in science, she taught about chemistry this second grading. And again, I am thankful because I could understand what she is discussing. In my conclusion, Scientist is not an easy job. They are researching about helping the environment and searching for new discoveries to help people with sickness, environment problems or issues, chemicals to help us in our health or chemicals to prevent or curing a disease. I am grateful because they are there to help us in our surroundings and health. You know, I didn’t understand those organic or carbon compounds in a deeper meaning. All I know is they are chemicals like LPG, kerosene, alcohol and gasoline. And I know now that calcium carbide...
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