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Handbook for
Subject Specialist Observers / Mentors

Certificate in Education and PGCE programme
UCLan partnership

2012 /2013

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Welcome to our teacher education partnership. This booklet is designed for subject specialists and mentors who will be supporting the development of teachers who are undertaking initial teacher training awards. The support you will provide will take a range of forms including observation of practice, feedback tutorials and advice about specific learning and teaching strategies for your area of expertise. The booklet contains information which will be useful in understanding the professional standards in the Lifelong Learning Sector, and how these relate to subject specialist areas. We also provide discussion on the roles and responsibilities of a mentor and the paperwork used across the programme to observe teaching practice.

Subject specific mentors have a very important part to play in the development of teaching and learning strategies in the trainee teacher’s curriculum area. New teachers to the profession often have very good academic knowledge about their subject area but they do not have the skills initially to transfer that knowledge successfully to a wide range of learners. The role of the mentor is to support mentees in this aspect of their ‘professional development’.

All teacher training providers are now required to embed the minimum core (literacy, language, numeracy, ICT) into the qualification framework offered and for this reason we also include this here and would like you to discuss how these functional skills can be made visible in your specialist area.

As a subject specialist mentor for the UCLan programmes you will be undertaking considerable CPD of your own as you help new trainees to deconstruct their practice against appropriate theory, reflect on their learning and plan for further development. This is a two way process and so it is important that you also see how undertaking this role can develop your own practice further, especially through the processes of observation, peer discussion and reflection. Undertaking this training with us gives 3 hours of CPD that will be acknowledged with a University Certificate. Reflection of your personal learning from undertaking this role can be placed on your personal ‘Reflect’ space at the Institute for Learning and contributes to your professional formation and continued QT status. (See for further information.)

We hope you really enjoy both the training and also being a subject specialist mentor, playing a very important part in the development of new teachers across the sector.

Alison Barton - Programme Director, Teacher Training Post Compulsory

Mary Osmaston – Senior Lecturer, Education

University of Central Lancashire
September 2012
The Professional Standards: Summary information

The six domains of the standards are identified as follows:-

Domain Aprofessional values and practice
Domain Blearning and teaching
Domain Cspecialist learning and teaching
Domain Dplanning for learning
Domain Eassessment for learning
Domain Faccess and progression

Each domain is divided into three areas:
professional values the trainee is expected to hold and display professional knowledge and understanding they must acquire
professional practice they must demonstrate

Within the Cert Ed/PGCE programme, the three areas are covered as follows:

Professional values and practice are part of the module content and are addressed at each stage of the programme. They are formally assessed through both written work and teaching practice. Professional values are expected to be extended to the whole teaching and learning context...
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