My Strongest Dimension on the Personality Spectrum

Topics: Learning, Study skills, Educational psychology Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: March 1, 2014

Describe your strongest dimension on the personality spectrum.
I found that after completing the personality spectrum that my strongest dimension is Auditory. An Auditory Learner have a strong verbal words instead of reading them. I can remember more information about a subject when I record my lectures and take notes from the recording. Putting my notes on cards to carry them around with me help me to be able to study out loud. During this assignment I learn that I am good at oral exams. I solve problems by talking them through. I’m also good at storytelling and that auditory learners move their lips or talk to themselves to help accomplish a task.

Describe how each practice activity reinforced or contradicted something about yourself.
In practice one, this activity reinforced the fact that when I used my dominant writing hand that I was more confident in typing. I was able to type my phone number, and my name twice. When I type with my non-dominant hand I had a fear of making a mistake, and I notice that I type slower.

Next, in practice two, The Barsh Learning Style inventory has help me to better understand my learning style of being an auditory learner. It has shown me different techniques and how to adjust them to any situation. This practice reinforced that I learn best by hearing what I’m learning.

Finally, in practice three, the VAKT Learning Preference results were Visual 56, auditory 76, Kinesthetic 44, and Tactile 52. When I completing the wrap up, it reinforced that I am indeed an Auditory Learner. Because even, when I am studying for a test I must read aloud and underline the material in my texts. When I have notes I always make flash cards for myself to review with. Some recommend technique are to participate in class discussions, and whisper new information when alone.
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