Myths About Africa

Topics: Africa, Western culture, Western world Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Myths About Africa

Africa continues to suffer from a long tradition of neglect. Being seen as the “dark continent”, many people begin to assume that all of Africa is poor. There are many myths about Africa today that seem inevitable to forget. Novels, movies, television and all modern media play a very important role in how Western society views Africa. Savage Africans are the lowest of the lowest in Western film. As this is the only aspect of what Westerners see about African culture, it is fair to say that is what they will only perceive about Africa; Africans are poor and savage. This impacts the race relations and on how Westerners interact with Africa. What they see is what they do. South Africa is actually very healthy. It has many natural resources, excellent universities, and advanced hospitals. There are middle class people in just about every African country commuting to work every day. Students in Western society are taught about Africa in such a negative way, they do not understand that the African society today is not exactly how they see it in the movies. The Western civilization has been overpowered by technology; humans have forgotten that life still exists without it.

Africa is filled with dangerous animals romancing freely, is another popular myth. Although, to an extent, it is true that animals freely graze in some areas, just not in all. For the most part, Africa’s wildlife is mostly confined to national parks and reserves. Keeping the animals in these reserves helps protect farmer’s crops from being destroyed and helps preserve natural resources. Africa is in matter of fact technologically savvy. One myth is said that Africa is technologically backward, yet, they are able to build and re-build cars from scrap, without an engineering degree. There are toy cars made for children with steering capabilities. They have cell phones, and even a mobile banking system. If anything, Africa is very innovated. Africa has no ancient culture or...
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