Topics: Cerebrum, Brain, Cerebral cortex Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: April 28, 2014
Diana Vanstedum
CSD 234
Lab 1: The Central Nervous System from Superficial to Deep
The purpose of this lab is to understand the way that nervous system structures are arranged inside of the brain from the most superior, which would be the cortex or telencephalon to the most inferior, which would be the medulla oblongata. We are observing all the structures in the brain, as well as the protective tissue that surrounds it. Procedure:

I had to use Primal Pictures, as it was necessary to complete this lab. Once logged in, there is a list of choices to click on as to where you want to go. On the homepage, click on the 3D Head and Neck and then go to the Brain folder. Next click on Meninges to access the pictures. Begin at layer 9. To identify the structures, just click on them. With Primal Pictures, there are different controls on the page that allow us to be able to view the brain, or any structure that we are looking at from different angles and different layers. There is also a summary of the structure that is being looked at. Using the guide that Dr. Poll has provided and Primal Pictures, we are to go through the different structures and gather all the information necessary to complete this lab. Results:

Following the guidelines on our instruction sheet, we were to begin at Layer 9 of the brain, which showed us the meninges. From here, we could see the structures that protect the brain. Brain protection begins with the skull; it is the outermost layer. The three layers of meningeal linings are inferior to the skull. These include the dura mater, which is the outermost layer. It is also the toughest layer and in English is translated to “hard mother.” The dura mater has two layers. Inferior to the dura mater is the arachnoid mater. The most inferior layer of the meninges is the pia mater. It is also the deepest and softest layer. Next we looked at the sinuses that are part of the nervous system in Layer 5. A sinus is a cavity within a bone...
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