No marriage for Homosexuals

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Marriage Pages: 6 (2239 words) Published: November 22, 2013
 By Kagweh F. Macharia Research Summary
Traditionally marriage was an institution between a man and a woman with the primary purpose of bring up a family. However, things have changed over the years and now the latest issue; same-sex marriage. In as much as this issue has elicited hot debate pertaining to validity and acceptance of the notion of homosexual marriages in the society, it is a common knowledge that two men (a man and a man) or two women can not bring forth a family. The stand of this paper is that it strongly opposes same-sex marriage and provides valid and recent arguments and examples for this stand. The most basic reason discussed for opposition to homosexual marriages is that it offends God. The paper discusses the relationship between God and the natural laws, and how breaching of these laws offends God. Violating the natural moral order as established by God amounts to offense, for indeed people who profess to love God must be opposed to powers or factors that offend His law. The paper also shows validation of same-sex marriage as an act that would turn moral wrongs into civil rights. Whilst its morally unaccepted for people of same gender to pursue sexual adventures amongst each other, legalizing homosexual marriages would turn this to be socially acceptable. This is likely to be followed by homosexual lifestyles that would completely contradict many religious and societal norms. The paper also demonstrates children’s dissatisfaction as one of the reasons this type of marriage should not be allowed. The fact that same-sex couples are not in a position to bring forth children denies them (children) the right to enjoy legitimate parental love. Studies in the paper show that homosexuals only create sterile unions rather than genuine families. Finally, the paper gives recommendations (way-out) under each argument on how the state/society would avoid or curb spreading this menace. Introduction/Thesis Statement

Democracy has induced a double edged sword as far as people’s freedom is concerned. People believe that they are free to make choices for their lives as they wish. When a person considers his home/nation a free land, then s/he can claim the right to love and marry anyone regardless of the gender. From the fact that people come from different cultures, our societal beliefs could vary. Different governments also take different stands on the subject of freedom and rights of their people, and one nation’s stand could not necessary represent a unanimous belief of its people. For a number of controversial reasons, I do not support marriage between homosexuals. I believe that this category of people could be allowed to stay under domestic partnership whereby they can date, interact and share their lives with the people they choose, but for marriage they should not! Marriage is a sanctity institution that should exclusively be between a man and a woman. Such marriages would be morally and physically wrong because marriage is a holy union. Not just is this holiness defiled from a religious point of view, but undermines the union called marriage; it denies the principal purpose of marriage. Argument

A homosexual marriage would violate the natural law. It is worth mentioning under this point that marriage is not just a common a relationship between human being. It is an institution rooted in human nature and that should be governed by law. Under the natural law, good things ought to be pursued while evil to be avoided. Human beings have the potential to perceive or judge things as either morally good or evil. People therefore can determine the grounds of their acts and whether they are morally good or wrong to transform the means that would aid them in accomplishing the purposes of such acts. It is arguable that a situation that circumvents the primary purpose of...
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