No Propagation in the Union of Gay Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Gay, Marriage Pages: 5 (2081 words) Published: July 15, 2013
No Propagation in the Union of Gay Marriage
(My response to the e-mail article seen below)
The Law can never protect marriage; neither can it prevent gay relationships. It is the law written on the heart, and conscience that either accuse us or tell us that we are doing right. Sexual behavior cannot be legislated, since the law does not prevent us from doing anything. If the law could, then there would be no need for salvation. The constitutional provision will be futile. The institution of marriage is threatened for many reasons: :Blindness because of the self-life, fear of a loss of identity /distinctiveness, hidden dimensions of competition, isolationist tendencies and positions, lack of trust, fear of being hurt or used, disobedience, hardness of heart, lack of knowledge or wrong choices. The act of adultery begins in the heart. No constitution bill can curb adulterous behavior. The main threat to marriage is incorrect heart position, not adultery. Two parties should enter into marriage with a corporate agreement to work jointly towards a common goal of pursuing the purpose of God for that marriage. The problem arises when we look at what is beneficial to us and not the union of marriage. We must first understand what it is that we were brought together to achieve. We must know what we are together to do. When we work towards His will instead of our personal satisfaction, greater marital satisfaction is achieved. That is why the things that God has placed in the marriage to enhance it, actually brings pain and destroys it. When the enemy enters a marriage it attacks the weakest area. We have become so used to an unrighteous society, that only what we perceive to be “the extreme” calls our attention. Are we striving for socially acceptable domestic arrangement or do we want to be obedient and fear God. By no means am I condoning a gay lifestyle, do not hear me wrong. The harm caused in a home where the husband or wife is gay is not any worse than a home where the wrong values are instilled in the children. Think of the home where the parents just focus on material “bios” things or intellectual “psuche’” things and do not live correct “Zoe” lives before their children. None of the above will produce children with the correct principles and values to take them through life. So why single out homosexuality. Fulfillment in a marriage will not come from the partner. Fulfillment comes where God designs the union, the man is the head and the wife is the suitable companion, and together they accurately represent God. This is why God designed marriage and this is why he made a man and a woman to represent His purpose in the earth, not a man and another man. There can be no propagation in the union of gay marriage. This is why He destroyed Sodom And Gomorra . Sexual orientation originated in God. Men and women are distinctly and innately different; however these differences represent valid and authentic dimensions of the character of God. A marriage between two men or two women will never represent the authentic dimensions of the character of God. If gays are not allowed to marry in St. Vincent, they will simply go elsewhere. In (Romans 1:18-32) God showed his anger for people who suppressed the truth by their wickedness. He speaks of his disdain for homosexuality and the other evils in our society. Lack of knowledge causes common law marriages, infidelity, fornication, stealing, fraud, Pharisees in the church, and the rituals that are of absolutely no use; which chase potential believers away, resulting in unchanged hearts. For lack of knowledge the people perish. This lack will keep a whole church community blind. It will keep a people blind. So we continue in our blindness as we fuel our inaccurate lifestyles………….those of us who live grand “psuche’” lives where intellect is god and certificates of all sorts is King, and those of us who live grand “Bios” lives where position or the most expensive cars, homes and fine...
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