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Topics: Knowledge management, Knowledge economy, Knowledge worker Pages: 10 (2088 words) Published: February 22, 2013
* The act/process of imparting/ acquiring particular knowledge or skills, as for a profession * Generally preparing oneself intellectually for mature life

Purpose and functions
* Purpose-teachers believe that transmission of knowledge is the primary purpose of education * Function-transfer of knowledge from school to the real world is something that happens naturally as a consequence of possessing the knowledge * Content of assessments largely drives education

Topic | Traditional education | Modern education |
Person | Teacher-centred instruction| Student-centred instruction * Educational progressivism| Classroom | Students matched by age. Same material used in class| Grouped by interest/ability. Multi-age classroom or open classroom| Teaching methods| * Direct instruction and lecturesEg: textbook, written assignments * Seatwork * Learn through listening and observation| * Hands-on activity * Student-led discovery * Group activities * Project-based using resourceEg: internet, outside expert| Social aspects| * No attention to social development * Socialization discouraged expect for extracurricular activities and teamwork-based projects | * Attention to social development, teamwork, interpersonal relationships and self-awareness| Multiple tracks/options| * Single, unified curriculum for all students * Weak students must take advanced classes * Receive a custom-tailored education| * Classes according to their perceived ability/career plans| Student and teacher relationship| * Teachers addressed formally by last names * Teachers-role model in community| * Students can call teachers by their first names * Students and teachers work together as collaborators. |

Criticism/ Disadvantages of traditional education
* Focuses on teaching, not learning
* Most of what is thought in classroom is forgotten

Positive integration
* Standardizing international economic laws and policies
Eg:A country has its own policies on taxation trades. With the influence of globalization, different countries will work on having similar/identical policies Negative integration
* Breaking down of trade barriers/protective barriers such as tariffs and quotas * Beneficial if products essential to the country are allowed Eg: Costs of imported raw material will go down while the supply will increase

* System of interaction among the countries of the world in order to develop the global economy. * Refers to integration of economics and societies
* Involves technological, economic, political, cultural exchanges Prove: seen through advances in communication, transportation and infrastructure *

Implementation of policies of National Education Policy
1. Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English (EteMS)

Aim: To ensure students are not left out especially in English as the medium of transmission of information in internet uses English

Implication of this policy:
* Mathematics and Science teachers need to master English language both oral and written * Adequate supply of Mathematics and Science text books for Year one, Form One and Lower Six * Reference materials must be available for teachers and students in form of printed text/computer software

2. Smart schools

Rationale/Aim:This policy acts as a catalyst of transformation which is a technology-supported initiative. This initiative hopes to promote the development of a work force.

* Change in learning culture based on memory and examination-orientation to creative thinking and problem-solving. * Calls for holistic and integrated development to produce physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually well-balanced whilst being technology-savvy, globally and...
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