NT1210 Week 8 Assignment 1

Topics: IP address, Subnetwork, Classless Inter-Domain Routing Pages: 3 (318 words) Published: January 6, 2015
Introduction to Networking


Unit 8 Assignment 1: Calculating Subnets

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Identify the major needs and major stakeholders for computer networks and network applications.


Explain basic security requirements for networks.


Plan and design an IP network by applying subnetting skills.

Assignment Requirements
Complete Practice #1 and #2 on the following pages. Do NOT use a calculator for these practices. Refer to the links presented during the theory portion of class (provided below) and any research you can find in the ITT Tech Virtual Library or on the Internet.

Required Resources

Ellis Methodology of Subnetting (EMS) Handout


Odom textbook


ITT Tech Virtual Library

Additional Resources

Links presented during the theory portion of class


Additional resources on subnetting:

Skullbox.net @ http://www.skullbox.net/subnetcalculator.php

The Art of the Subnet Cheat Sheet @

Boson @ http://www.boson.com/promo/guides/TCPIP-SUB.PDF (very in-depth; includes practice exercises)

Submission Requirements:
Submit your responses either as a typed document, recreating the tables using Arial or Times New Roman 12-point font labeled Unit 8 Calculating Subnets Worksheet, OR on the following worksheet. Label your assignment Unit 8 Assignment 1. This assignment is due at the beginning of the next class.



Introduction to Networking


Name: ____________________________________________ Date:


Practice #1
Given an IP address and number of bits borrowed (from the host for the subnet mask), find the following information.
Host Address


Network Class


SN Mask


Network Address


Bits Borrowed...
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