Nuclear Chemistry

Topics: Cancer, Nuclear fission, Ionizing radiation Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: November 12, 2014
Nuclear Chemistry
Imagine the majority of Earth being quarantined off and people having to live in specified areas to avoid harmful radiation that originated from nuclear energy/waste. The integration of nuclear energy/medicine is largely controversial among people. Every side to the argument has its benefits as well as its negative consequences. Nuclear energy should not be used in society because of the threat it poses to thousands of people. In contrast, nuclear medicine has positive aspects that could benefit people and save thousands of lives. I do not support the use of nuclear chemistry in our society. My first claim is the potential of danger from terrorists. Nuclear material has always been a high priority target for people who want to cause destruction. With the building of power plants full of nuclear energy, we’re basically handing over that power to the terrorists. Even without the threat of that energy falling into the wrong hands, people are still in danger from the facility. Workers who maintain and run the plant have a high probability of being exposed to the harmful radiation that is emitted from the fuel rods. If exposed, the individual will get a chance of death, serious disease, or biological issues that can appear years down the road. Nuclear chemistry should not be used due to the high potential of harm it causes to people. In correlation to my views, I think if we must deal with nuclear waste at all, there are specific ways to go about doing it. Disposing of nuclear waste needs to be in the least harmful way towards the environment. The waste should always be put into the safest containers possible and stored in the most isolated areas so as to prevent any radiation leakage to anyone. Secondly, I think more money should be directed towards research on safety and proper care of nuclear waste. The more we learn about nuclear chemistry and nuclear waste, the safer we can all be. Nuclear waste should not be put aside or quick to dispose of....
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