Obama Marriage vs 10th Century Marriage

Topics: Michelle Obama, 19th century, First Lady of the United States Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: December 4, 2012
In “Trifles” Susan Glaspell, seems to be very sheltered and intimidated by their husbands. Men seem to play the dominating role in the marriage. On the other hand we have the article that was written about Presidents Obamas marriage, which reflects a modern day equal marriage. The Obama marriage seems to be very equal and fair. It is almost like there is no domination role between the two. Throughout history first lady’s seemed to be like “sidekicks.” The traditional first lady was always behind the scenes; it seemed like they were the husbands shadow. Todays first lady Michelle Obama is very empowering towards the president. It seems to be like they are both equal partners and there is no dominating role. In late 19th century wives had no voice in the marriage, because they were afraid of their abusive husbands. Where as in todays era women are more independent and play a vital role in todays society.

In the play “Trifles” officers are investigating a crime scene where Mrs. Wright, allegedly murdered her husband and while the officers were investigating they brought their wives to collect some clothing for her. The officers were laughing at their wives because they thought they were paying attention to insignificant things, thus ‘trifles’. Women were not taking seriously in late 19th century. They had no voice what so ever in the marriage. The husband was always in control of the marriage. When in doubt the wives solved the crime, they refuse to tell the men because they were afraid of stepping out of line.

Women in the late 19 century were more dependent on their husbands for survival. Marriage was not equal the men always dominated women in marriage. Husbands also became very abusive towards their wives in order to keep them in control. For example in the story “Trifles” the women were always beaten by her husband. Which eventually led her to murder her own husband, because he was being so abusive towards her. Women went under a lot of abuse during that...

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Kennicott, Philip. “Critic’s Notebook: Obama photo is a snapshot of a modern, equal marriage.” The Washington Post p. (November 7)
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