observations of chemical changes

Topics: Chemistry, Chemical reaction, Hydrogen Pages: 3 (550 words) Published: June 23, 2014
Michelle Felton
Observation of Chemical Changes
June 17, 2014
Chem 107
To associate chemical properties with household products
To observe some properties of chemical reactions
Procedure: Using a 96 well plate and a pipette each chemical was placed into its individual well, two drops of a second chemical were added and the observations of the reaction/changes were recorded. The new mixture was viewed on a light and on a dark background to observe all changes.

Data Table 1: Reactions Expected
NaHCO3 and HCL-CO2
Bubbles form at bottom of well and rise to top of well then burst. B
HCl and BTB
Clear solution and blue solution turn yellow when mixed
NH3 and BTB
Clear solution and blue solution remain blue
HCl and blue dye
Clear solution and blue solution turn green when mixed
Blue dye and NaOCl
Blue solution and clear solution remain blue
Kl and Pb(NO3)2
Two clear solutions turn bright yellow and liquid appears to thicken when viewed on white paper G
NaOH and phenolphthalein
Clear solution and blue solution turn pink when mixed
HCl and phenolphthalein
Clear solution and blue solution turn foggy green when mixed I
NaOH and AgNO3
Two clear solutions turn brown when mixed
AgNO3 and NH3
Two clear solutions turn silver grey when mixed. Liquid mixture appears to thicken when mixed K
NH3 and CuSO4
Two clear liquids turn to pearly blue when mixed

Observations from procedure: BTB remains blue when exposed to a base and turns yellow when exposed to an acid. Phenolphthalein turns grey when exposed to a base and pink when exposed to an acid. Both chemicals turn a murky or foggy green when neutral.

a) To test for sodium bicarbonate we could use hydrochloric acid. The two form bubbles when mixed. These bubbles are carbon dioxide. b) I tested 3 cleaners, Windex, Lestoil, and green cleaner with bleach alternative. (My husband saw the cleaners out,...
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