Obtaining a Healthy Marriage

Topics: Marriage, A Great Way to Care, Emotion Pages: 4 (1611 words) Published: June 26, 2011
Obtaining a Healthy Marriage
By: Robyn Cwiack
“Being successful in love and in life requires the folks who profess to be in love to do simple things. True love is always about doing the simple things. LOVE is an accumulation of doing the simple things! Simple Things Matter”, says Dr. Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz, renowned love and marriage experts and multiple award-winning authors. Once vows have been exchanged, marriage comes with responsibilities and guidelines that both must follow in order to engage in a life lasting commitment. Let it be understood, once married, both partners agree on a desire for family; in the same way with parents, siblings or close relatives, the initiative in life has been to please them in the most positive ways. The pair have asked to become part of each other’s family circles that they respect in life and in asking that shows that the others presence completes them. Here we will look at simple efforts like importance of communication, trust and honesty, how to be considerate of your spouse, relevance of teamwork and the significance of endurance to make a blossoming relationship last ‘till death do you part.

Communication is always going to be needed throughout the years from now on. You said your vows to each other when you began your journey; these vows give you the answers you need to be successfully united. The vows come from your own heart; therefore, you understand what is needed. As time passes remember to always share your desires, wants, needs and as a result expressing these will allow you to build positive memories to last a lifetime. Furthermore, it is important to compliment your partner daily; this will assure your spouse that you desire to have them in your life and that feeling is there every day. You can always lean on each other for support because they are there when you need them and they will have a truly unique and unconditional understanding of your feelings. In addition to communication, when...
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