Online Enrollment System

Topics: Educational psychology, Social constructionism, Education Pages: 4 (1077 words) Published: September 7, 2013
Now we can notice that using application of technologies, like using computer and modern instructional aid is better than old visual aid. Application of technologies is consider as cognitive learning tools rather than as instructional media. According to GIBSON (1979), it afford the most meaningful thinking when used as a tools. Cognitive learning and using technology is a process of generating new information, interpret and assimilating new information infer and develop new knowledge. It actively engage learners in creation of knowledge that reflects their comprehension and conception of the information rather than focusing on the presentation of objective knowledge. Cognitivism are learner controlled, not teacher or technology driven. It means that the process of learning is dictated upon their experiences, when the students develop the data they are constructing their own concept of the organization of the idea, the learners learns naturally. Technologies of instruction have traditionally been used as conveyors of information, communicators of knowledge, or tutors of students. In educational communications, information or intelligence is encoded visually or verbally in the symbols systems employed by each technology. During the “instructional” process, learners perceive the messages encoded in the medium and sometimes “interact” with the technology. Technologies as conveyors of information have been used for centuries to “teach” students by presenting prescribed information to them which they are obligated to “learn”. The instructional programs are designed using a variety of systematic instructional design models ( GAGNE, BRIGGS and WAGER, 1987; DICK and CAREY, 1990) which have been advised by experimental research which in founded on notions of causality and determinism. According to DERRY 1990, he explains the combination of cognitive learning and technology tools called Cognitive tools, he said that this are both...
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