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Topics: Educational psychology, Education, Learning Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: August 31, 2014
With rapid growth in information communication technology, online games have gradually become part of people’s life in recent years. It is believed that digital games, as a catalyst, can be very useful teaching media. According to the Taiwan Institute for Information Industry in 2010 published report of using broadband network. Taiwan's Internet users most commonly used online gaming services (50.28%), the largest proportion of 12-19 years accounting for 83.08%-90.91%. For this reason, teachers must elevate students’ learning ability and knowledge through temporary assistance like information technology. To teachers and students, the meaning of this incoming digital trend counts for more challenges than opportunities. History, a subject about facts, should also be inextricably linked to digital world. Being a junior high history teacher, the researcher found that it would be better to use a lively way-learning by playing-we can use some digital assistance to arouse students’ learning motivation and academic performance. Moreover, traditionally teacher-centered didactic instruction is progressively substituted by student-centered various interactive learning patterns. The innovating digital learning which claims for enhancing learners’ motivation and initiative exploration is available to all. Terms like E-learning, U-learning, Digital Game-based Learning (DGBL) gradually represent information technology integrated into teaching in school. DGBL was first proposed by Marc Prensky in 2001. Through digital games, learners obtain sense of achievement in solving problems and dealing with challenges. Digital game based learning takes both entertainment and education into consideration. In Prensky’s opinion, digital game based learning will be the main learning pattern in the 21st century, the traditional learning style such as emphasizing reading and writing is going to be replaced. Online games stand for part of teenagers’ culture, so it’s undoubtedly...
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