Online Learning and the Adult Learner

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Learning Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: October 2, 2013

Online Learning and the Adult Learner
Cassandra Jones
Foundations of Online Learning
American Public University System
Amy Peterson
Online Learning and the Adult Learner
Being an online learner as an adult is harder in my opinion than being in a physical classroom. The learning styles one must have implemented prior to a start date can cause conflict with schedules or a more relaxed environment where as a more structural environment where lessons, assignments, quizzes, exams, and test are laid out for a student. In this paper one will have a better understanding on the three theories of learning and the dedication it takes to focus in a relaxed environment.

The three concepts self-directed learning with or without assistance from others, experiential learning the knowledge of facts, prior learning to the ongoing events and reflection or personal growth, transformational learning changing one’s frame of reference or way of seeing the world proposed by Jack. Mezirow(1997) critical reflection, change in the learners “out of the world experiences.” The experiential learner must connect what they have learned from current experiences to those in their past as well as their future. The self-directed learner is independent, willing to take initiative, have self-discipline and they desire to learn. These people have organizational skills and can plan for the bigger picture or goal of completion. Transformational learners base all educational attributions from experience, these types of learners need guidance or support to be more involved to accept new information into the old. The learners use critical reflection of their life experiences. All three concepts are used for online learners. An online learner that struggles in classes, lack one or all three theories which would make it impossible to continue with online learning. Some people need more help than others to grasp conceptual ideas for assignments. Personally I lack...

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