Organic And Inorganic Chemistry Lab Activity 1

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Chemistry 2: Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
Activity 1
Rainbow Density Column


As a chemical term, “sugar” usually refers to all carbohydrates of the general formula Cn(H 2O)n, an organic compound. This exercise is focus on sugar as an organic compound and its properties. Objectives:

1. To identify the properties of organic compound - sugar.
2. To observe some physical properties and changes on an organic compound during the actual conduct of experiment. Materials:
A. Chemical Reagents:
a. Sugar
b. Water
c. Food Colorant
B. Equipment
a. Triple Beam Balance
C. Glassware
a. (4) test tube
b. (4) glasses
c. (1) petri dish
d. (1) funnel
e. (1) 10mL graduated cylinder
f. (1) 100mL graduated cylinder
g. (1) beaker
h. (1) glass stirrer)

1. Always wear safety goggles and lab gown during the laboratory period. 2. Take extra care in handling glassware and weighing equipment. 3. Do not taste, inhale or play with the reagents.

Sugar-Water Solution
1. Line up four glasses. Prepare sugar-water solutions with the following combinations. Use petri dish as container for the sugar. Weigh the sugar using the balance. Measure the water using the graduated cylinder.

Sugar (g)
Water (mL)
3 g
9 mL
6 g
18 mL
1 drop yellow
9 g
27 mL
1 drop green
12 g
36 mL
1 drop blue

2. Stir until all sugar are completely dissolved in water.
3. Add colorant and stir until completely mixed.

Density Column
1. Using the 100 mL graduated cylinder as the column, pour the fourth solution(blue solution) in the cylinder using a funnel. 2. Gently pour the second solution (green solution) and observe the layer that will be formed. If you do this right, you won't disturb the blue solution much at all. 3. Gently pour the third solution (yellow solution) and observe the layer that will formed. 4. Do the same for the first solution (clear solution).

5. Observed the layers of colored solutions that will be formed – rainbow density column.

1. The sugar solutions are miscible or mixable, so the colors will bleed into each other and eventually mix. 2. If you stir the rainbow, what will happen? Because the density column is made with different concentrations of the same chemical (sugar or sucrose), stirring would mix the solution. It would not un-mix, like you would see with oil and water.

Date Performed:
Date Submitted:
Group Members:

1. Write your observations on each solutions formed before and after mixing a) water and sugar
b) water-sugar-colorant.
Sugar + Water
Sugar + Water + Colorant




2. Write your observation in combining the four solutions to form the density column.

3. What property of this organic compound is responsible for the layers formed?

4. Sugar is an organic compound.
a) Name some of its properties
b) Write its chemical formula
c) Write its structural formula
d) Source of sugar
e) Other properties (i.e. polarity (polar/non-polar, etc.)

5. Name some uses of sugar in medicine, household, industry, etc.
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