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Topics: Malonic acid, Diethyl malonate, Chemistry Pages: 4 (534 words) Published: April 7, 2014
CHEM 2018 Organic Lab Part 2
Experiment 7: Diethyl n- Butylmalonate

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Reference: Williamson K.L., & Masters, K.M. (2011).”Diethyl n- Butylmalonate”. Macroscale and Microscale Organic Experiments ( 6th edition pp. 531-534) Belmont, CA: Brooks Cole.

Purpose: In this experiment, potassium carbonate combined with a quaternary ammonium salt to form a strong base. The strong base created an anion from an ester of malonic acid. The ion reacted with bromobutane which was also in the reaction solution to give the product. The yield product was a butyl derivative of malonic ester that was isolated by adding water to the reaction solution, and extracting with ether. The ether was dried and evaporated to give the product.

Procedures:0.039g of tricaprylmethylammonium chloride, 0.358g of 1-bromobutane, 0.416g ofdiethyl malnote, and 0.414g of potassium carbonate were mixed in a 5mL long-necked, round-bottom flask. The apparatus was set up according to figure 42.1. The distillation column was attached to be used as an air condenser in order for the reaction solution to reflux.

The flask containing the reaction solution was heated. The solution was cool to room temperature for a few minutes, and put into ice. The solution was transferred to a reaction tube with 2.5mL of water. The solution was shaken, and organic layer was drawn off. The aqueous layer was extracted with two portions of 1.5mL of ether. The combined organic extracts were dried over anhydrous calcium chloride pellets. The ether was removed from the drying agent, and ether was finished drying...
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