Organizational Behavior DB

Topics: Educational psychology, Learning, Problem solving Pages: 4 (586 words) Published: January 12, 2015

Organizational Behavior
Phase I Discussion Board
Richard Drosin

Problem based leaning is used to establish problem solving in order to analyze changes in situations based on a person or students perspective. PBL challenges the student or person to want to learn the information while establishing everyday issues. Its overall mission is to make the student or person responsible for their own success making PBL very unique in skill. Throughout this discussion, I will discuss my overall thoughts on PBL, my ideas and plans about approaching the three main phases and related tasks, and the pros and cons of PBL. Organizational Behavior Phase I Discussion Board

Overall, my thoughts on Problem-Based Learning (PBL) are that it’s a unique type of learning that I can relate to as well as agree with. PBL actually makes you work for and search for the problem rather than give the solution to you. It makes you learn to depend on your own mindset and analyze the problems at hand. PBL learners usually tend to be self motivated to solve their own problems and life experiences throughout their life. I think allowing people and students is a great skill to become experienced in. They will have the necessary background to prepare them for all types of situations whether big or small in different types of organizations. Being that the phases of problem-based learning have three additional sub steps in order to compete the phase, I will go about approaching each of the three by incorporating the use of the method of technology. In this day and age, the cyber universe has taken over the learning aspect. My objective would be to use or create a site that will be relevant to the person or student and needed to complete the assigned task. Since a student or person in PBL is responsible for locating the designated their information, it is essential that they have the proper tools to make sure they are on the correct track. This...

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