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Topics: Agriculture, Ecology, Landscape Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: October 28, 2013
A young girl wakes up at 5:30a.m. getting ready to head out of the door by 6 a.m. to spend a long day in the tractor. This was my typical morning during the summer when growing up in a rural farming community in southwestern Kansas. This community primarily consists of farming families that depend on the land and raising livestock for their survival. Everyone in this community or county of 2500 people has a relative or someone that they know who is dependent on the land.

This type of rural atmosphere makes the community a very close-knit area that tends to support one another when times are tough. Nature has a large impact on the economy in this area. Due to the amount of dry land farming, any storm or lack there of can make the crops take a turn for the better or worse thus effecting the area. Other people that are in this community not dependent on the land and raising livestock are in jobs that support the farmer with necessity services. What makes a small rural community a desirable place to live is the removal from a large amount of crime. In this community parents will allow their child to walk home after school or go to a friend’s house for fun. A primary responsibility of community members is to watch out for one another and learn about their neighbors. This action is half of what makes this small type of community a great place to live. Much of the social interaction between community members is relaxed where festivals and community events are concerned. At one point or another everyone in the community tends to come to any event to catch up on any news and socializing. These community events and activities that occur are very important due to the lack of extracurricular activities like amusement parks or movie theatres.

In this small community the residents not only have a responsibility to watch out and help each other but to try to maintain the environment and take care of the land. The residents of the area are dependent on the environment...
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