Orlando and the Theme of Love and Marriage

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The novel of Orlando has very clear ideas about what constitutes love. In this book love isn't about poetry and romantic gestures, but about the mutual enjoyment of another's company and a sympathy between two people. Even though Orlando finds love as a man with a woman as soon as he changes sex he finds love with man, in the book there is a model for a marriage presented: men, woman and if you love him/her then you're lucky. Woolf seems to believe that marriage is a necessary evil to convey in society, something that is more important at a social level rather than a spiritual. In fact even if married Orlando is not sexually restricted and enjoys being able to love other people while still having the social privileges of marriage.

How is "it" presented?

At the beginning of the book Love is presented in the form of Sasha a beautiful woman who steals Orlando's heart. At the beginning Orlando is drawn to Sasha mostly because he is curious about the feelings he starts demonstrating towards this person, who he didn't know to be a woman. Sasha awakens in Orlando a deep sexual desire he never felt before, even prior to knowing her gender he is drawn to her, Orlando is attracted to Sasha as an individual independently from what her gender is. Sasha is Orlando's first real experience with love, lust, and female nature. As time goes by Orlando better understands Sasha's point of view and no matter what happens he always remembers her and carries her memory to the grave.

How does Orlando Differently see love and marriage as a man at the beginning and as a woman at the end?

In this unique novel, Woolf’s protagonist breaks the boundary of gender and time to search for love, explored through the many romances Orlando has. Here, I want to focus on four main characters with whom Orlando has unpleasant love affairs. Queen Elizabeth I, Sasha, Archduchess Harriet who later turns out to be Archduke Harry, and Shel. After the failure of his love with the...
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