Osmosis and Diffusion

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Diffusion and Osmosis in an egg
Low concentration
1.1 Diffusion is the process of molecules spreading from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration. High concentration

1.1 Osmosis is the diffusion of water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane from the area of low concentration of solute to the area of high concentration of solute.

1.2 Diffusion is important to living cells because it’s the way they take in materials from the environment, and they also prevent themselves of unwanted materials produced in their cells. Osmosis on the other hand, is also important to living cells, because it’s the way that water can enter and leave their cells through diffusion (class note-the movement of molecules). 1.3 Aim: the aim of this experiment is to find out if osmosis and diffusion will occur in an egg. Scope: The scope of this experiment is to investigate if osmosis and diffusion will occur to an egg once it’s put in vinegar for 2-3 days and then put in sucrose solution of different amounts (10%, 20%, 30% and 40%). 1.4 Hypothesis: My hypothesis relating to this experiment is that the eggs will gain weight and osmosis will occur through the semi-permeable membrane. 1.5 My idea about osmosis and diffusion before and after the experiment has not changed much, because my hypothesis was that the eggs will gain weight and it was correct.

2.1 Materials:
* 5 Beakers 200mL

* Measuring cylinder 250mL

* 5 eggs

* 500mL of vinegar

* 150mg of sucrose

* 750mL of water

* Electronic balance

* Stop watch

* Benedict’s solution

* Paper towels
2.2 Method:
1. In a small container put 500mL of vinegar, and then put the eggs in for 3 days. 2. After 3 days weigh each egg on the electronic balance and record all the results. 3. Test each egg with Benedict’s solution.

4. Label each beaker 1 to 5.
5. In beaker one put 150mL of water
6. In beakers 2-5 put sucrose solutions of 10% (15mL), 20% (30mL),30% (45mL) and 40% (60mL). 7. Put one egg in each beaker and leave it for 15 minutes. 8. Weigh the eggs after every 15minutes (for 1 hour) and record the results. 9. Lastly, test for Benedict’s solution.

2.3 Risk assessments:
The risk assessments involved in this experiment are the beakers, and Electronic balance. The Beakers have a possibility of being broken and have to be handled with care when in use. Safety gloves and safety boots should also be worn, in order to avoid broken glass and other hazardous of chemicals. Moreover the Electronic balance should also be used with care, and should not get wet as it could cause electricity shocks.

2.4 Experimental Approach:
Another experimental approach could have been osmosis and diffusion in a potato, however I chose eggs instead of potatoes, because me and my group found it more interesting to investigate osmosis and diffusion in an egg.

2.5 Variables:
The variables associated in this experiment are the Independent, dependent and controlled variables. The independent variable in this experiment is the number of the days the eggs were put in vinegar. The dependent variable is the weight of the eggs and lastly the controlled variables are the amount of the sucrose solution (10%, 20%, 30% and 40%), and the time period which the eggs are weighed after (Science Buddies 2002-2011).

3.1 Results:
Beaker| Start weight| 15 minutes| 30minutes| 45minutes| 60minutes| 1 (water)| 78.3g| 79.3g| 79.5g| 79.4g| 80.6g|
2 (10% sucrose)| 98.0g| 97.4g| 98.0g| 98.4g| 99.0g|
3 (20%sucrose)| 73.6g| 73.4g| 73.6g| 73.5g| 74.0g|
4 (30%sucrose)| 72.0g| 72.3g| 71.8g| 71.3g| 71.7g|
5 (40%socrose)| 97.6g| 98.6g| 99.3g| 100.og| 101.2g|

3.2 Calculations:
To find the amount of sucrose needed for each beaker we need to do: Beaker 2: 150100x10% =15mL
Beaker 3: 150100x20% =30mL
Beaker 4: 150100x30% =45mL
Beaker 5: 150100x40% =60mL

3.3 Interpreting...
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