Osmosis Experiment Plan

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Digital Balance used to measure the mass of the potato strip before and after osmosis. Time should be kept constant when the potato strip is put into the solution Hypothesis: The mass of the potato strip will increase in water and dilute concentrations of sucrose depending on the concentration within the cell. When the concentration of the sucrose solution outside the cells of the potato strip will be less, the mass of the solution will increase as water molecules from outside will diffuse into the cell (diffusion of water molecules from area of higher concentration to area of lower concentration). When the concentration of the sucrose solution outside the potato cells will be more, the mass of the potato strip will decrease, caused by the diffusion of water molecules from within the cell to outside (higher to lower area of concentration).

1 Large potatoI chose to use potato cells to investigate osmosis as it is a plant cell and has a semi-permeable membrane and allows the diffusion of water across it. Sharp KnifeTo cut the potato into several strips

50ml of the following molar of sugar solution:
1.5M, 1.75M, 2.00M,2.25M,2.5M (sucrose)The different concentration of sucrose solutions will determine the diffusion of water molecules. 6 Petri dishesTo carry the experiment in it.
Beaker of distilled waterUsing distilled water for osmosis means that no impurities therefore more valid results. Electronic BalancerTo weight the potato strips before and after. Stop WatchTo control time factor for all the experiments. 4-5 pieces of kitchen towel.

Metal borer

1. Label six Petri dishes 1-6 with the right molar and solution  name. 
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