Outline: Marriage and Body Paragraph

Topics: Marriage, Sociology, Sibling Pages: 2 (294 words) Published: June 8, 2013
Following is a sample outline of an argumentative essay (of 5 paragraphs) about whether street children are victims or criminals.


Thesis Statement:-
Street children are definitely victims of the society for social, financial, and psychological reasons.

Body Paragraph 1:
Street children are the result of family disintegration.
A. The father deserts the family.
1. escapes from the family
2. marries again
3. dies
B. Uneducated parents lack awareness of how to raise children well. C. In many cases, parents are very cruel in dealing with their children. D. There is violence in the institutions that should protect these children. 1. from teachers

2. from policemen
3. from supervisors of such institution

Body Paragraph 2:
Difficult financial conditions make these children helpless victims. A. Poverty of the family
B. Many brothers and sisters in the same family
C. Parents force their children to work.
D. Parents get rid of their children as they can not afford raising them.

Body Paragraph 3:
Some people argue that street children are real criminals who need to be punished. A. They believe that these children chose this way of living. B. However, this argument could be easily refuted. These children are helpless and psychologically sick. 1. These children are the result of a careless society. a. They suffer from oppression.

b. They always feel inferior.
c. They feel they are deprived of everything others have. d. That is why they hate the society.
2. They are just children who cannot take any decisions.

CONCLUSION: Street children are the outcome of the society.
Efforts should be exerted by the government.
Media should play an effective role.
People should change the way they look to these children.

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