Pal Ideas for Beginning Readers K

Topics: Educational psychology, Learning disability, Reading Pages: 3 (624 words) Published: November 23, 2011
Directions: Go through each section of the module, starting with the challenge section.
1. Watch Opening (Challenge)

2. Record your initial thoughts (briefly) to the following question (Thoughts):

What characteristics might Mrs. Doris and Ms. Chandler look for in a reading approach? What types of activities can she use to increase her students’ reading skills? How can Mrs. Doris and Ms. Chandler implement these activities?

Some characteristics to look for in a reading approach are engaging strategies for low, middle, and high achieving students that provide meaningful experiences and develop literacy skills. Some activities that can be used to increase students’ reading skills is repeated readings, concepts of print, comprehension strategies like predicting and asking questions, and building vocabulary by creating word walls. These activities can be implemented in small groups or partnered work and as a whole group.

3. Go through Perspectives and Resources Section (The answers to the following assessment section will be contained in the section).

4. Complete the following questions in the Assessment section of the Module:

•&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ; List five benefits of PALS. •&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ; Highly structured activities that have been demonstrated to improve students' learning. •&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ; Frequent verbal interaction and corrective feedback between the Coach and Reader •&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ; PALS is effective for students with learning disabilities, low-performing students without learning disabilities, average- and high-achieving readers, and English learners (ELs). •&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ; PALS is an effective means of differentiating reading instruction. •&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ;&νβσπ; Promotes collaboration and positive social interaction between students....
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