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Topics: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Spouse Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: April 26, 2015
Marriage is a union of two people as partners in a relationship, while love is an intense feeling or deep affection. Loving someone is something nobody should be pressured into doing. Love is a powerful word that people take for granted. There should be a ban on all arranged marriages in Africa because one cannot be forced to love someone else, these arrangements often result in abuse and neglect and the decisions to get married is out of hands of the person that has to live within the arrangement. Being forced to love someone is the craziest thing in the world. Marriage should be something both spouses agree on and not forced to do. Marriage is full of trust and love, if forced it causes you to hate the one you with and you will not be able to love cherish and honor that person because you were married for the wrong reason. How can you be submissive, supportive, and take care of your spouse if there’s no love. Disadvantages of arranged marriages. Love goes a long way in marriages it goes with never laying a hand on your make and not neglect them when you significant other about issues that’s bothering you that will cause you to neglect your family. In arranged marriage. Living with abuse by Jennifer Gorik states that communicating is the key to keep arranged marriages from abuse and neglect. She states that nobody tells the wife that the man has had bad temper or abusive parents, so with that being said you should not have arranged marriages because you do not know them are the past history with the family, some say that at times all arrange marriages do not end up like that because the more you do not know about them the less you can judge them, the communicate is great because they know they are in the marriages so they are in the marriages so they accent it and learn each other When you have a arrange marriages
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